inMotion Magazine Article – May/June 2012

A year ago inMotion Magazine did an article on the Disabled Traveler’s Companion website, featuring my photography.  The website, created by my dad – Ron and myself, highlights the handicap accessible features of the National Parks for disabled visitors.  Because of the strict guidelines set by the Amecian Disabilities Act, the National Parks can only showcase their features that are considered ADA compliant.  These guidelines are exceedingly narrow and don’t allow for the grey areas, which some disabled travelers might find useable but don’t meet the ADA’s stringent and arbitrary measurements.  Our website – bridges this immense gap, and serves as a valuable resource for travelers with disabilities.

We have had and continue to get interest by the individual national parks to be part of our website, but the bureaucratic quagmire in DC would rather talk about the problem of accessibility in the parks than fund the only viable and proven solution.  The amount of money that people with physical and age-related disabilities is staggering, yet they don’t travel to the National Parks because of certain unknown factors.  We eliminate these ‘unknowns’ and the National Parks will only profit by this large population of potential visitors.ImageImageImageImage


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